What Readers are saying about the book…ESCAPADES..awakenings.

This is an important book in many ways. It is …1.A literary piece of work 2.A commentary on contemporary Bhutan society. 3.  An anthology of Bhutanese culture. 4.A historical account of an important period. 5.A source of wisdom for future thought and action ..….Samm Musoke, 19 August 2013 

.. What makes it extra more special is  the book is written by a man. A man taking all the effort to address woman’s / 2013

…. A must read for Bhutanese to truly understand what it was/is like in the villages for these women…. Sonam Ongmo  2012

I would say it is real Bhutanese intricacy beautifully interwoven.It simply left me teary eyed. thank you for revealing what a Bhutanese delicacy is. Rinchen, Aug 2013

…It is possible that the political visions described in the last part may be overwhelming for somebody not accustomed to Bhutan’s political playgrounds, but this is not the main focus of the novel…Kadri Raudsepp, Estonia, Jul 13

…It is must read for every Bhutanese youth. Convincingly heralded spiritualism over materialism.  ..If the book is made into film will be a real tear jerker….Chitem Tenzin,  Jun 12 

…  beautifully written! You have perfectly captured women’s toil of life that no one has captured before, not a male writer?…Chimi Wangmo, Jul 13

An absorbing tale….Kinga Dema, K2, Aug 13

…A brilliant story, and I can imagine that it would make an excellent film too!… Ruth Gatenby, Jun 13

After a long time, I could not stop a book from reading it. Often I read a few books together. This time it was one for one. … It gives true picture of our country. It will be a treasure for generations to come…….Dr Saamdu Chettri, Sep 13

…. In some respects the book is a shocker because it really moves beyond the clichéd descriptions and traditional tales of the beautiful rural life in Bhutan..RAVEN, Jun 13

“… A bold, forward looking, captivating and brave escapade…A tribute to fatherless children, a tribute to humanity…Dr Isabelle Antunes Dec 12

… a uniquely written book about the Bhutanese life styles in the remote village and the life styles in the present generation…Choki Gyeltshen, Sep 13

…    For a Bhutanese who writes a book that so extensively and consistently takes the women point of view, and that in a very sensitive way, is rather extraordinary. Are you really a male writer?… Cornelis (“Kees”) Klein, Netherland, Jul 13